Slippers Information

About ONAIE Sheepskin Slippers

ONAIE handmade sheepskin slippers are traditional Polish slippers, carefully crafted by the Polish highlanders, a group known for their unique culture and residing in the mountainous regions of Poland, particularly in the Tatry Mountains. These slippers are an integral part of the rich and distinct heritage of the Polish highlanders' community.

  • Origin and Cultural Significance: The tradition of making ONAIE sheepskin slippers dates back several generations. More than just footwear, these slippers symbolise the cultural identity and craftsmanship of the Polish highlanders. They are often crafted using locally sourced materials and feature patterns and designs that reflect the region's cultural motifs.
  • Materials and Craftsmanship: Our sheepskin slippers are primarily crafted from natural materials such as wool, leather, and sheepskin. What makes our production process even more special is that all the materials, including sheepskin, are sourced as offcuts from the meat industry in Poland. This sustainable approach not only minimises waste but also ensures that every pair of ONAIE sheepskin slippers carries an eco-friendly and ethical footprint.
  • Design and Features: All the designs for ONAIE sheepskin slippers are created and designed in London, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. The range of designs varies from simple, monochromatic styles to more elaborate ones featuring traditional Polish embroidery and motifs. The colours and patterns are not just visually appealing but also carry specific meanings and stories, deeply rooted in the folklore and traditions of the Polish highlanders. This unique blend of London's contemporary design perspective with traditional Polish artistry ensures that each pair of slippers is not just a piece of footwear, but a wearable piece of art with a rich cultural narrative.
  • Cultural Preservation Efforts: The creation of ONAIE sheepskin slippers is more than just a craft; it's part of the cultural legacy of the Polish highlanders. Efforts to preserve this tradition include workshops, cultural events, and apprenticeship programs aimed at teaching the younger generation the art of making these traditional slippers.

In essence, ONAIE sheepskin slippers are not just footwear but a symbol of Polish highland culture, embodying the history, craftsmanship, and spirit of the Polish highlanders.

ONAIE Handmade Sheepskin Slippers Care Guide

  • Usage: Designed exclusively for indoor use.

Cleaning Recommendations:

  • Specialist Products: Use a specialist wool shampoo containing lanolin if desired, but it's not a necessity.
  • Protective Spray: You may use a protective spray. We recommend checking with the brand for compatibility.
  • Avoid Water Soaking: Gently spot clean with a mild detergent and water. Do not soak the slippers.
  • Drying Instructions: Air dry naturally away from direct heat. Avoid using a hairdryer or placing it near radiators.
  • Exposure to Elements: Do not tumble dry, machine wash, spin, or leave in direct sunlight.
  • General Maintenance: Regular brushing helps maintain texture and cleanliness.
  • Avoiding Damage: Keep away from extreme heat and moisture.
  • Important Reminder: Never put the slippers in a washing machine, as this can damage the material and shape.

How Should Slippers Fit?

Slipper sizes are typically true to size, but due to our fully handmade craftsmanship, there can be occasional discrepancies. If you have a wide fit or find yourself between sizes, we recommend sizing up for the perfect fit.

Initially, you may notice that the sole of our handmade sheepskin slippers feels firm. However, within a few days of wearing them, the suede and sheepskin will naturally soften, creating a customised and exceptionally comfortable fit for your feet.

It's worth noting that during the initial wear, the hard sole may produce some sound on bare wooden floors. Rest assured, this diminishes as the sole gradually wears in and becomes softer with use.

Over time, our slippers will mould to the unique shape of your feet, ensuring a personalised fit that enhances your comfort and overall slipper experience.