About Us


Onaie Shop ONAIE is an independent online store from   South East London, United Kingdom.   Founded by two sisters, the brand focuses   on the creation of handcrafted, high quality   sheepskin slippers, clogs, and moccasins.


 Lovingly made by a team of highly skilled   craftspeople in the Highlands, every single   pair of ONAIE slippers is truly one of a kind. As well as being sumptuously soft, cosy and luxuriously plush to the touch, they show off hand-embroidered patterns, artisanal exposed stitching and layers of super-soft shearling that cushion feet in a cloud of comfort with every single step. 

The beautiful backstory behind each pair is evident in the artisanal feel and finish of these fine slippers - the techniques used to craft them have been handed down from generation to generation, and the time and care that goes into each stitch is clear from the luxurious quality.