About Us


At ONAIE, we believe that every step should be a statement.

In the bustling world of public relations, where every second counts and the stakes are always high, finding a balance between professional excellence and personal fulfillment can often seem like a distant dream. Eve, a seasoned PR professional with a decade of experience, knows this all too well. After ten years of navigating the dynamic landscape of PR, Eve made a bold and inspiring move: she joined her sister Justina in founding ONAIE, a unique fashion brand from Greenwich, London, dedicated to offering women luxury comfort with a sustainable touch.

Eve’s journey in PR was marked by success and recognition. Her career took her across Europe, representing high-profile clients and orchestrating campaigns that resonated across borders. Yet, amid the glamour and the accolades, there was a growing desire for something more meaningful and personally fulfilling. As a mother of two, Eve found herself yearning to spend more time with her small children. The demanding travel schedule and the constant pressure of PR began to weigh heavily on her heart.

The story of ONAIE began in 2014 when sisters Eve and Justina started “The Days of Poland Festival” in London. Held each May at Potters Field Park by Tower Bridge, the festival celebrated Polish culture with lively stalls selling handmade folk garments, especially their standout sheepskin slippers. The festival was a resounding success, igniting a spark of inspiration in the sisters to expand their business.

In 2018, they launched the ONAIE website, bringing their unique blend of traditional Polish craftsmanship and modern design to a broader audience. Combining beautifully handcrafted sheepskin slippers and moccasins with a commitment to sustainability, ONAIE quickly became known for its exquisite products. Thanks to their meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, ONAIE slippers provide both comfort and style.

Eve, as the creative force behind ONAIE, designs all the sheepskin slippers, ensuring each pair embodies a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion. Her designs are brought to life by a talented group of handcrafting ladies, whose skilled hands transform high-quality materials into beautiful, comfortable slippers.

“ONAIE is not just about providing luxurious comfort; it’s about making a positive impact on the environment and offering women a piece of luxury they can feel good about,” Eve explains.

Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship is no small feat, but Eve has embraced this new chapter with grace and determination. Her children have become her greatest inspiration, fuelling her passion to build a brand that not only caters to women’s needs but also aligns with a sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

Today, ONAIE represents a blend of Polish heritage and modern fashion. It is more than just a brand; it’s a connection between rich traditions and today’s world. You can find ONAIE products at well-known retailers like TK Maxx, Oliver Bonas, and Monsoon. Their beautiful range of slippers and garments is available not just in the UK, but also in the USA, Japan, and across Europe.

Since the huge success of the brand, Justina has now left ONAIE to explore her successful career in beauty, leaving Eve as the sole owner of ONAIE. Eve’s story is a testament to the power of reinvention and the importance of following one’s passion. From the fast-paced world of PR to the creative and rewarding realm of fashion, her journey is a beacon of hope for anyone seeking to align their professional life with personal values.


At ONAIE, we believe in combining quality and sustainability in every pair of slippers we make. Our mission is to offer you unique, handmade slippers that are stylish, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. We are committed to making our slippers accessible and affordable, ensuring that every step you take in ONAIE slippers supports a greener future. We strive to show that luxury and eco-consciousness can go hand in hand through our careful craftsmanship and ethical practices. Choose ONAIE and walk towards a sustainable tomorrow with us.