About Us


ONAIE is a distinctive fashion brand based in Greenwich, London, renowned for its handcrafted, high-quality sheepskin slippers, moccasins, and a range of indoor and outdoor garments. Founded by two sisters, Eve and Justina, who were former PR directors, ONAIE embodies a unique blend of traditional Polish craftsmanship and contemporary design, deeply rooted in Polish folk heritage.

ONAIE started in 2014 when Eve and Justine initiated a project to promote Polish folk heritage through their festival, “The Days of Poland Festival.” This annual event, held in May at Potters Field Park by Tower Bridge in the heart of London, became a vibrant showcase of Polish culture. The festival, known for its lively atmosphere, featured stalls selling folk garments, particularly handmade sheepskin slippers, drawing the attention of festival-goers to the richness of Polish traditions.

After years of successful participation in the festival and garnering admiration for their products, Eve and Justina decided to expand their venture. In 2018, they took a significant step by moving their business online and launching the ONAIE website. This move marked a new chapter for the brand, allowing a wider audience to access and appreciate the unique blend of traditional Polish artistry and contemporary design that ONAIE offers.

Today, ONAIE stands as a proud representation of Polish heritage, seamlessly integrated into the modern fashion landscape. The brand is not just a business; it's a cultural bridge that connects the rich traditions of Polish craftsmanship with the contemporary world, offering a unique and authentic experience to its customers. 

Now, ONAIE products can be conveniently purchased at various reputable retailers, including TK Maxx, Oliver Bones, Monsoon, and numerous others. The brand's exquisite range of products is not limited to the United Kingdom alone; it has also expanded its presence to the United States, Japan, and numerous European countries.


At ONAIE, our mission is to redefine the relationship between quality, sustainability, and affordability in footwear. We are dedicated to crafting unique, handmade slippers that not only embody the essence of timeless style and comfort but also uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Our commitment lies in providing our customers with sustainably made slippers that are both accessible and affordable, ensuring that every step taken in ONAIE slippers is a step towards a more sustainable future. We believe that luxury and eco-consciousness should go hand in hand, and through our meticulous craftsmanship and ethical practices, we strive to bring this vision to life for every individual who walks their path in ONAIE slippers.