Sustainability and Ethical Policy

Our Ethical Commitments:

  • Sustainable Materials: We prioritise sourcing materials ethically and sustainably, with our sheepskin as a byproduct of the meat industry originating from Poland, and our embroidery thread made from European cotton threads. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the tanning process, where no harmful chemicals are used. We proudly do not engage in mulesing and firmly stand against partnering with any company that practices it. Our sheepskin is 100% biodegradable.

  • Fair Labor Practices: We partner with artisans who receive fair wages and work in safe, healthy conditions, ensuring respect and dignity in our production process. The craft ladies have the flexibility to work from home, supporting work-life balance.
  • Sustainable Impact: At ONAIE, we consciously produce small batches of products to minimise environmental impact. Our commitment to the environment means releasing new collections in limited quantities, suitable for a small business. The nature of our materials, being byproducts, restricts mass production. Additionally, as our products are handmade, it takes considerable time to craft each item, which further aligns with our sustainable and ethical approach. 
  • Equality and Women's Empowerment:
  • Celebrating Women: At ONAIE, we are passionate about celebrating women every day. This ethos is reflected in our team, our customer base, and especially in the people who craft our products.
  • Women Ownership: ONAIE is proudly 100% women-owned, emphasising our commitment to female leadership and empowerment in the business world.
  • Supporting Female Craftsmen: A majority of our skilled craftspeople are women, showcasing our dedication to providing opportunities and recognition for women in the field of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: In our commitment to minimise waste and reduce energy use, we utilise packaging from carbon-neutral certified companies, achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The majority of our packaging materials, including string, bags, and boxes, are made from recyclable sources, further reinforcing our dedication to environmental sustainability.
  • Environmental Footprint: In our ongoing efforts to enhance environmental sustainability, we aim to eliminate all packing slips from our orders by 2024. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to reduce paper usage and minimise our environmental footprint.
  • Sustainable Partnerships: We work with vetted shipping companies like DHL, known for their sustainable practices, ensuring our supply chain aligns with our environmental goals, DHL aims to become zero-carbon by 2050

Sustainability Commitment:

  • Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to continually assessing and improving our sustainability practices, ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimised and our products remain a testament to sustainable luxury.

We highly value the thoughts and suggestions from our ONAIE community. If you have ideas on how we can improve or innovate, we're all ears! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us at