Top 5 Female-Hosted Podcasts to Listen to in the UK

Top 5 Female-Hosted Podcasts to Listen to in the UK

Discovering captivating podcasts led by remarkable women in the UK is a journey worth embarking on. Whether you're seeking inspiration, laughter, or insightful discussions, these female-led shows promise to deliver. Here are five top picks to add to your playlist:

"Glad We Had This Chat with Caroline Hirons" Caroline Hirons, a prominent figure in British beauty, takes the helm in this enlightening podcast. With her extensive network, Caroline invites a diverse range of guests, from A-listers to industry experts, for engaging conversations. With over 160 million views on her blog, Caroline's podcast promises to be a treasure trove of wisdom and entertainment.

"Working Hard, Hardly Working" Hosted by Grace Beverley, this podcast offers a refreshing take on success stories. Instead of traditional business talk, Grace delves into the intriguing journeys of individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in various fields. From entrepreneurs to activists, each episode unveils the untold stories behind their triumphs, inspiring listeners to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

"Closet Confessions" Candice Brathwaite and Coco Sarel team up to deliver a dynamic and entertaining podcast experience. Candice, a Sunday Times bestselling author and TV presenter, brings her wit, while Coco adds his unique charm to the mix. Together, they delve into the juiciest confessions and sizzling hot takes, ensuring every episode leaves listeners entertained and craving more.

"Saving Grace" Hosted by the vivacious GK Barry, "Saving Grace" promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Grace shares wild tales from her university escapades to laugh-out-loud moments in her daily life, offering listeners a glimpse into her world filled with unexpected twists and shared experiences.

"The Receipts Podcast" Tolly T and Audrey lead this fun and honest podcast where nothing is off-limits. From relationships to everyday life experiences, listeners can expect unfiltered and candid conversations. With Tolly T and Audrey at the helm, "The Receipts Podcast" is guaranteed to keep you engaged and entertained.

So, whether you're looking for inspiration, laughter, or simply a new favourite podcast, these female-led shows in the UK have something for everyone. Tune in and let these fantastic voices enrich your listening experience today!