5 Best Hiking Spots Near London

5 Best Hiking Spots Near London

London, with its bustling streets and iconic landmarks, may seem like a world away from nature's tranquility. However, just beyond the city's borders, you'll find a wealth of stunning hiking destinations perfect for a day trip or a weekend adventure. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just looking to escape the urban grind, these five hiking spots near London offer breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and invigorating trails.

The seven sisters ONAIE

1. The Seven Sisters

Nestled along the Sussex coast, the Seven Sisters cliffs are a must-visit for any hiking enthusiast. This series of chalk cliffs, which rise and fall dramatically along the coastline, offers some of the most stunning seascapes in England. The trail from Seaford to Eastbourne, passing through the Seven Sisters, is about 13.6 miles long and provides panoramic views of the English Channel. Don’t forget your camera – the sight of these majestic cliffs plunging into the sea is truly unforgettable.


  • Breathtaking coastal views
  • Historic lighthouse at Beachy Head
  • Picturesque villages and pubs along the way
5 Best Hiking Spots Near London

2. Otford, Kent

Located in the heart of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Otford offers a variety of hiking trails that cater to different levels of experience. The Otford Circular Walk is a popular choice, combining stunning countryside vistas with historical sites, including the ruins of Otford Palace and the charming village of Shoreham. This 7-mile loop is perfect for a leisurely day out in nature.


  • Scenic countryside landscapes
  • Historical landmarks
  • Abundant wildlife

Surrey ONAIE

3. Box Hill, Surrey

Box Hill, part of the North Downs, is renowned for its challenging trails and breathtaking views. Just a short train ride from London, this area offers several hiking options, including the Box Hill Circular Walk. This 8-mile trail takes you through woodlands, grasslands, and chalk downs, providing spectacular views of the surrounding Surrey Hills. It’s a perfect destination for those looking to combine physical activity with stunning scenery.


  • Diverse landscapes
  • Panoramic views from the summit
  • Proximity to the River Mole

4. Knole Park (Deer Park)

Knole Park, also known as Deer Park, is located near Sevenoaks in Kent. This 1,000-acre park is home to a historic stately home and a large population of wild deer. The park offers several walking routes that range from short, easy strolls to longer, more challenging hikes. The combination of ancient woodlands, open parkland, and the occasional sighting of deer makes for a magical hiking experience.


  • Historic Knole House
  • Wild deer sightings
  • Varied walking routes
Broadstairs ONAIE

5. Thanet Coastal Path

For those who enjoy coastal walks, the Thanet Coastal Path is an excellent choice. Stretching from Ramsgate to Margate, this 19-mile trail offers a mix of sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, and charming seaside towns. The path is well-marked and relatively flat, making it suitable for hikers of all levels. Along the way, you'll encounter a variety of wildlife and have plenty of opportunities to explore local attractions.


  • Beautiful coastal scenery
  • Charming seaside towns
  • Rich in wildlife

Tips for a Great Hiking Experience

  • Plan Ahead: Check the weather forecast and trail conditions before you set out.
  • Pack Essentials: Bring water, snacks, a map, and a first aid kit. Dress in layers and wear sturdy hiking boots.
  • Respect Nature: Stick to marked paths, take your litter home, and be mindful of wildlife.
  • Stay Safe: Let someone know your plans and expected return time.

Whether you’re seeking the dramatic cliffs of the Seven Sisters or the serene parklands of Knole, these hiking spots near London offer something for everyone. Lace up your boots, grab your backpack, and embark on an adventure to discover the natural beauty that lies just beyond the city. Happy hiking!